Friday, May 31, 2019

Why Do I Need a Website?

I get asked this question all the time from clients: Why do I need a website?

I can see why many of you ask this question. After all, websites can cost a lot of money. And, if you're just starting out in business or you don't generate a huge amount of revenue, justifying this cost can be hard to do. However, there are a lot of benefits to having a just need to look at it from another perspective...

Let's say you saw a Facebook advertisement and it caught your interest. You liked the ad copy, image and you thought seriously for a second about buying it. What is the FIRST thing you would do?

Online research!

And why would you do online research? Well, let's be honest - there are just a few online scams out there. These days, before purchasing ANYTHING online, you absolutely must do your homework. So, the first thing you're going to do is go to Google and search their company name in an attempt to find their company website, right?

Whether you realize it or not, that website tells you (an interested buyer) a few things...but mainly it shows you're not a scam, and that you're a serious company who has invested some money into their online foundation. When you see that someone has gone to all the trouble of setting up a website, you know they are a legit company, you know they are serious about what they do, and you feel better about working with them.

So, if you don't have a website, please get one! If you wish, you can contact us at for a quote.

What Marketing Services Should I Spend Money On?

When it comes to marketing, there are so many things you can spend money on...a website, marketing collateral, newsletters, and more! So, what should you spend money on? Quite simply, the most important thing any business can have is a proper marketing foundation.

What is a proper marketing foundation?

Your marketing foundation is an important tool for any business wishing to generate more sales. Why? Well, people aren't stupid, so when they are approached by your organization or they see one of your ads, rest assured, they will do some additional research. If your company's online image isn't professional or it looks "fly by night," then you're going to miss out on a lot of sales.

In our opinion, we have found that our clients have the most success when they have the following marketing foundation in place:

  1. A website (professionally designed with good content)
  2. A Facebook page

That's it! So please, before you engage in any online marketing such as email newsletters or Facebook advertising, make sure you have a professionally designed website and a Facebook page. 

If you would like a quote on website development and Facebook page setup and design, just contact us at

Marketing Tips for YOU!

We have been getting a lot of questions from clients related to marketing. We love your questions (and keep them coming) so we've decided to answer them publicly here on our blog! This way, you can refer to the Marketing Q&A at your convenience :) Stay tuned...more posts to come!

Why Do I Need a Website?

I get asked this question all the time from clients: Why do I need a website? I can see why many of you ask this question. After all, web...